June 19-20, 2018 / Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

Program at a Glance

  • Program
  • Program at a Glance
  • Day 1: Tuesday 19 June
  • Day 2: Tuesday 20 June

Day 1: Tuesday 19 June 2018

Tuesday 19 June 2018
Time Program Paper Venue
08:00-08:45 Registration
08:45-09:00 Opening
· Speaker Head of Economic Research Institute, Insill Yii
· Speaker Head of Department of Economics, Doyoung Kim
09:00-09:45 Plenary Session 1
Chair: Peter SCHMIDT (Michigan State University) · Badi H. Baltagi, “Forty Years of Panel Data Forecasting”, Syracuse University. GN301
09:45-11:15 Parallel Sessions 1
Session 1A:
Invited Session 1, GMM and IV Estimation
Chair: Martin WEIDNER (University College London) GN304
· “Large-N and Large-T Properties of Dynamic Panel GMM Estimators When Data Are Not Mean Stationary”, Seung C. AHN (Arizona State University) and Na WangAhn. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Double Filter Instrumental Variable Estimation of Panel Data Models with Weakly Exogenous Variables”, Kazuhiko HAYAKAWA (Hiroshima University). pdf파일 다운로드
Session 1B:
Environment and Capital Structure
Chair: Hyunjoo KIM-KARLSSON (Linnaeus University). GN307
· “Nonparametric Time Varying Coefficient Panel Model for Climate Change and Agriculture”. Sisira Jayasuriya and Param SILVAPULLE (Monash University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Environmental policy stringency and industrial productivity growth: A varying coefficient cost function approach”. Guohua Feng, Keith R. McLaren, Ou Yang, Xiaohui ZHANG (University of Exeter Business School), pdf파일 다운로드
·“Impact of Financial Crises on Dynamics of Capital Structure: Evidence from Korean Listed”, Lyubov Tsoy and Almas HESHMATI (Sogang University). pdf파일 다운로드
Session 1C:
Inequality, Employment and Well-being
Chair: Young Hoon LEE (Sogang University). GN309
· “The Distributions of Income and Consumption Risk: Evidence from Norway”. Elin HALVORSEN (Statistics Norway), Hans A Holter, Serdar Ozkan, and Kjetil Storesletten, Statistics Norway. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Temporary Employment and Household Consumption Patterns: Evidence from Korean Panel Data”. Kyung Woong Koh and Seung-hun LEE (Yonsei University) pdf파일 다운로드
· “Geographic Inequality of Economic Well-being among U.S. Cities: Evidence from Micro Panel Data”. Chi-Young CHOI (University of Texas at Arlington) and Alexander Chudik. pdf파일 다운로드
11:15-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-13:00 Parallel Sessions 2
Session 2A:
Selected Finance Applications
Chair: Kristofer MÅNSSON (Jönköping International Business School). GN304
· “The Impact of Portfolio Home Bias Sources on Foreign Currency Exposure”, Chien-Jung TING (Shu-Te University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Portfolio optimization based on dynamic factor and dynamic conditional correlation GARCH models”, Maziar Sahamkhadam, Andreas STEPHAN (Jonkoping International Business School), and Ralf Östermark. pdf파일 다운로드
· “The dynamics of systematic risk in a large equity portfolio”, Riccardo Borghi, Eric Hillebrand, Jakob Mikkelsen and Giovanni URGA (Cass Business School, UK and Bergamo University, Italy). pdf파일 다운로드
Session 2B:
Selected Applications of Panel Data Models
Chair: L. Vanessa SMITH (University of York). GN307
· “Job Discretion and Job Satisfaction in Germany: Are the East German Workers Still Affected by the Experience under Communist Regime?”, Kyungwon LIM (Korea Development Institute). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Robust Estimation and Outlier Detection on Panel Data: An Application to Environmental Science”, Ahmed R. M. AL SAYED (National university of Malaysia), Zaidi Isa, and Sek Siok Kun. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Women Managers’ Resignation from Companies and Career Interruption: Empirical analysis of highly educated women's Career Interruption in their 30s: Empirical analysis of highly educated women’s Career Interruption in their 30s”, Ji Hyun HONG (Korean Women’s Development Institute). pdf파일 다운로드
Session 2C:
BOK Session, Perspectives on the Korean Economy
Chair: Jungsoo PARK (Sogang University). GN309
· “Reserve Accumulation and Bank Lending: Evidence from Korea”, Youngjin YUN, (Bank of Korea). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Establishment Size and Wage Inequality: The Roles of Performance Pay and Rent Sharing”, Sang-yoon SONG (Bank of Korea). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Trade liberalization and Endogenous Quality Choice in Food and Agricultural Trade”, Jihyun EUM (Bank of Korea), Ian Sheldon, Stanley Thompson, Bank of Korea. pdf파일 다운로드
Session 2D:
Time-Varying Panel Data Models
Chair: Young-Hoon LEE (Sogang University). GN311
· “On LASSO for Predictive Regression”, Ji Hyung LEE (University of Illinois) and Zhentao Shi. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Estimating Short-run Inflation Dynamics with Disaggregate Information and Selected Instruments”, Dan LI (Xiamen University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Nonlinear Time-Varying Panel Data Models: Theory and Applications”, Fei LIU (Monash University), Jiti Gao and Yanrong Yang. pdf파일 다운로드
13:00-14:00 Lunch and Scientific Committee meeting
14:00-15:30 Parallel Sessions 3
Session 3A:
International and Intra-Industry Trade
Chair: Jacques MAIRESSE (UNU-MERIT). GN304
· “Heterogeneity and Cross-Sectional Dependence in Panels: Heterogeneous vs. Homogeneous Estimators”, Oguzhan AKGUN (CRED, University Paris II Panth´eon-Assas, France), Alain Pirotte and Giovanni Urga. pdf파일 다운로드
· “A structural model of hospital competition”, Philippe Chone and Lionel WILNER (INSEE-CREST). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Heterogeneous Panels with Structural Changes and Endogenous Regressors: An Application to Infrastructure Investment”, Badi H. Baltagi, Qu FENG (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and Chihwa Kao. pdf파일 다운로드
Session 3B:
Income Inequality and Gender Gaps
Chair: Youngjin YUN (Bank of Korea). GN307
· “Globalization and income inequality: Does the level of financial development matter?”, Roohollah ZARE (Islamic Azad University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Household Debt and Economic Growth”, Alireza MOTAMENI, (Howard University) pdf파일 다운로드
· “Income Inequality and Government Spending Multipliers”, Choongryul YANG (University of Texas at Austin).
Session 3C:
Qualitative and Three-Dimensional Factor Models
Chair: Ryo OKUI, New York University Shanghai. GN309
· “Composite Likelihood Estimation of AR-Probit Model: Application to Credit Ratings”, Kerem TUZCUOGLU (Bank of Canada). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Binarization for Panel Models with Fixed Effects”, Irene Botosaru and Chris MURIS (University of Bristol).
· “Estimation and Inference for Three-Dimensional Factor Models”, Xun LU (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and Liangjun Su. pdf파일 다운로드
Session 3D:
Advances in Estimation of Panel Data Models
Chair: Pär SJÖLANDER (Jönköping International Business School). GN311
· “Depth-Weighted Estimation of Panel Data Models”, Yoonseok LEE (Syracuse University) and Donggyu Sul. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Robust Pooled Estimation: Trimmed Depth Weighted Mean Group Estimation”, Yoonseok Lee and Donggyu SUL (Syracuse University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Testing the rank condition for CCE estimators”, Ignace DE VOS (Ghent University), Gerdie Everaert and Vasilis Sarafidis. pdf파일 다운로드
15:30-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45-17:15 Parallel Sessions 4
Session 4A:
Invited Session 2, Dynamic Panel Data Models
Chair: Peter SCHMIDT (Michigan State University). GN304
· “CCE in Fixed-T Panels”, Joakim WESTERLUND (University of Lund), Yana Petrova and Milda Norkut’e. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Forecasting with Dynamic Panel Data Models”, Roger MOON (University of Southern California). California. pdf파일 다운로드
Session 4B:
International and Intra-Industry Trade
Chair: Hyunbae CHUN (Sogang University). GN307
· “The impact of TBT and SPS measures on Japanese and Korean exports to China”, Jacob Wood, Jie Wu, Yilin Li and Jungsuk KIM (Sogang University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Does India moving-up in specialization through intra-industry trade in services?”, C.T. VIDYA (Nizamia Observatory Campus). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Price stabilizing effects of the FTAs”, Noh-Sun KWARK (Sogang University) and Hosung Lim. pdf파일 다운로드
Session 4C:
Application of Panel Data Models to Labor Market
Chair: Jacques MAIRESSE (UNU-MERIT). GN309
· “Occupational Composition within Multinational Firms: Evidence form Korean Employer-Employee”, Jung Hur, Haeyeon YOON (Sogang University), and Taehyun Ahn. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Wage Rigidity and Collective Wage Agreements Evidence from French Micro Data”, Milena Suarez and Erwan GAUTIER (Universite de Nantes). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Comparing micro-evidence on rent sharing from two different econometric models”, Sabien Dobbelaere and Jacques MAIRESSE (UNU-MERIT). pdf파일 다운로드
17:15-17:45 Tour of the College/University
18:30-20:30 Conference Dinner, Sogang University, Matthew Hall

Day 2: Wednesday 20 June 2018

Wednesday 20 June 2018
Time Program Paper Venue
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-10:30 Parallel Sessions 5
Session 5A:
Economic Growth Models
Chair: Andreas STEPHAN (Jönköping International Business School). GN304
· “The Relationship between Economic Growth and Democracy: Alternative Representations of Technological Change”, Nam-Seok KIM (Syracuse University) and Almas Heshmati. pdf파일 다운로드
· “FDI and Economic Growth: Is More Finance Better?”, Michael Osei and Jeabeom KIM (Oklahoma State University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Productivity growth, firm turnover and new varieties”, Thomas von Brasch, Diana-Cristina Iancu and Arvid RAKNERUD (Statistics Norway). pdf파일 다운로드
Session 5B:
Housing Market and Prices
Chair: Jang-OK Cho (Sogang University). GN307
· “Spatial Dependence and Common Factors in the English Housing Market: A STARF Model”, Beulah CHELVA (University of Leeds). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Market Concentration and Market Power of the Swedish Mortgage Sector – a Wavelet Panel Efficiency Analysis”, Kristofer Månsson, Pär SJÖLANDER (Jönköping International Business School), Hyunjoo Kim-Karlsson and Peter S. Karlsson. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Prices response to a massive labor cost cut Evidence from French firm-level data”, Remi Monin and Milena SUAREZ-CASTILLO (Insee - DESE – DEE). pdf파일 다운로드
Session 5C:
Specification and Estimation of Panel Data Models
Chair: Yongcheol SHIN (University of York). GN309
· “Semiparametric estimation of network: formation with panel data”, Asadul Islam, Jun Sung KIM (Monash University) and Yves Zenou. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Minimizing Sensitivity to Model Misspecification”, Stephane Bonhomme and Martin WEIDNER (University of Chicago, University College London). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Nonparametric Identification in Models for Dynamic Treatment Effects”, Sukjin HAN (University of Texas at Austin). pdf파일 다운로드
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions 6
Session 6A:
Financial Globalization
Chair: Noh-Sun KWARK (Sogang University). GN304
· “Financial Globalization and Bank Lending: The Limits of Domestic Monetary Policy?”, Jin CAO (Norges Bank). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Forecasting Near-equivalence of Linear Dimension Reduction Methods in Large Panels of Macro-variables”, Alessandro BARBARINOY (Federal Reserve Board) and Efstathia Bur.
· “Determinants of FDI Flows to the Gulf Countries: A Comparison of Estimation Techniques of a Panel Data Approach”, Haifa AL HAMDANI (University of East Anglia). pdf파일 다운로드
Session 6B:
Estimation of Dynamic Panel Data Models
Chair: Roger MOON, University of Southern California. GN307
· “Sieve Estimation of Time-Varying Factor Loadings”, YingLun CHEUNG (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Short T Dynamic Panel Data Models with Individual and Interactive Time Effects”, Kazuhiko Hayakawa, M. Hashem Pesaran and L. Vanessa SMITH (University of York). pdf파일 다운로드
· “A combination GMM approach for panels with common factors and T small or large”, Arturas Juodis and Vasilis SARAFIDIS (Monash University).
Session 6C:
Spatial and Network Models
Chair: Lionel WILNER (INSEE-CREST). GN309
· “A Panel Data Approach for Spatial and Network Selection Models”, Sophia DING (Swiss Economic Institute, ETH Zurich) and Peter Egger. pdf파일 다운로드
· “A Wavelet Method for Panel Models with Jump Discontinuities in the Parameters”, Bada O., Kneip A., Gualtieri J., and Robin C. SICKLES (Rice University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Unveiling the time-dependent dynamics between the oil price and exchange rates: A wavelet-based panel analysis”, Hyunjoo KIM-KARLSSON (Linnaeus University), Kristofer Månsson and Pär Sjölander. pdf파일 다운로드
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Parallel Session 7
Session 7A:
Invited session 3, Spatial Dependence and Heterogeneity
Chair: Seung C. AHN (Arizona State University). GN304
· “Confidence Set for Group Membership”, Ryo OKUI (New York University Shanghai). pdf파일 다운로드
· “The Spatio-Temporal Autoregressive Distributed Lag Modelling Approach to an Analysis of the Spatial Heterogeneity and Diffusion Dependence”, Yongcheol SHIN (University of York) and Michael Thornton. pdf파일 다운로드
Session 7B:
KDI session, Industrial Performance and Well-being
Chair: Alireza Motameni(Howard University) GN307
· “Estimation of Industry-level Productivity with Cross-sectional Dependence using Spatial Analysis”, Jaepil HAN (Korea Development Institute) and Robin C. Sickles.
pdf파일 다운로드
· “Language Proficiency and Psychological Wellbeing: Evidence from Immigrants in Australia”, Anthony Niu, Hee-Seung YANG (KDI School of Public Policy and Management). pdf파일 다운로드
· “The Local Economic Impact of a Large Research University: Evidence from UC Merced”, Jongkwan LEE (Korea Development Institute). pdf파일 다운로드
Session 7C:
Efficient Estimation of Panel Data Models
Chair: Joakim WESTERLUND (University of Lund). GN309
· “Panel Data AR(1) Time Series Model with Multiple Complete Break Points Under Bayesian Framework”, Jitendra KUMAR (Central University of Rajasthan), Varun Agiwal, and D.K. Shangodoyin. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Efficient Estimation of Linear Panel Data Models with Sample Selection and Fixed Effects”, Chirok Han and Goeun LEE (Korea University). pdf파일 다운로드
· “Incidental Parameters Problem in Testing: A Case of Cross-section Dependence Tests with Components Common”, Arturas JUODIS (University of Groningen) and Simon Reese.
Session 7D:
Quantile and SURE estimations of Panel Data Models
Chair: Kazuhiko HAYAKAWA (Hiroshima University). GN311
· “Estimation of models with an endogenous spatial or network matrix - a transformation approach”, Michaela KESINA (ETH Zurich).
· “An application of quantile panel estimation to systemic risk”, Christoph SIEBENBRUNNER (University of Oxford) and Michael Sigmund. pdf파일 다운로드
· “Large System of Seemingly Unrelated Regressions: A Penalized Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimation Perspective”, Qingliang FAN (Xiamen University), Xiao Han, Bibo Jiang and Guangming Pan. pdf파일 다운로드
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-16:15 Plenary Session 2
Chair: In CHOI (Sogang University). · Esfandiar Maasoumi, “Model Uncertainty and Averaging”, Emory University. GN301
16:15-16:45 Closing
· Announcement for 25th IPDC 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania.
· Announcement for 26th IPDC 2020, Bologna and Ferrara Universities, Italy.
· Announcement for 27th IPDC 2021, Applicant, University of Amsterdam.
· Speakers In Choi and Almas Heshmati
18:30-20:30 Dinner with the Invited Plenary and Session Speakers and members of the Scientific Committee. Place: Dalgaebi (16 Sejong-daero 19-gil, Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul).